ICC STUDIO is here for you! Whether you are a freelance journalist  who want to tell stories, a TV talk show host who wants to create your own TV show and entertain your audience, an entrepreneur who wants to communicate your brand, or a company who would create a TV commercial for your brands, products or services? ICC is well equipped handle your project, to deliver quality results, and bring your ideas to life. at ICC, we are committed to satisfying our clients needs. Work with us!




At ICC we take, develop, print and duplicate photograph and delivers quality photos to our clients within a short period of time upon our clients arrive to the studio, according to our client's needs. We offer photo-shoots for fashion magazines or catalogues, portrait photos, wedding photos, anniversary photos, family photos, corporate photos, celebrity  photo-shoots, etc. At ICC our photographers are  experience, talented and available to work with our clients in our photo studio or at other locations outside of ICC studio.  



  At ICC we create and develop new  event concept, plan and produce events such as red carpet events, Seminars, campaigns, conferences conventions, networking events, fundraisers, VIP parties, award shows, game shows, fares etc. ICC is the team you want to work with whether you’re considering a path with social events or corporate events.   




At ICC we've made everything you need available, easy to assess and cost  effective. At ICC we don't only own a TV studio and photo studio but we also work with an experienced team of TV producers, camera  crew and talented visual editors and photographers. We have all production equipment, have access to amazing film sets and locations.

We  do not stop at video and media production, we also work with reputable  TV platforms across Europe and Africa, so we can also assist our clients  to push their contents the right TV platform, if they need us to.  At INNOVATE CREATIONS AND COMMUNICATION LTD - ICC, we do all the hard work for you. All you need to do is let us. Work with us! 



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Copy and creative writing are used to expresses ideas, thoughts and imagination. At ICC we write scripts, speeches, monologues, jingles, TV commercials, etc. Copy and creative writing are strong devices in a business marketing toolbox. Well written copy can make or break an ad or marketing piece.

Effective creative and copy writing sells a product, a service, or even a person. The radio commercial you hear or the TV commercials you see that are memorable and end up making great positive impact on brand or selling a huge amount of products are the kind we introduce and offer to our clients. 





We run a social networking event platform called LES. At LES we bring people together through our professional networking sessions, red carpet social events or hangouts. Expanding the number of one’s business and/or social contacts by making connections through individuals.

Our networking events are the talk of the town and our group of members is fast growing. We organize and host events and hangouts to bring people together, whether to improve their social lives or to expose and communicate their brands businesses organisation. Networking is a necessary and a powerful element in today’s world.

Professional networking and social networking are very necessary and very beneficial, they are strong element and powerful marketing tools or a marketing method that helps us to create new opportunities, share knowledge and find new ideas through networks of like-minded business people. Improve your business’s performance, products and boost your reputation. You dream, we take to you to your dreamed destination.