Our Objective

Creating qualitative and outstanding products that are cost effective. Ensuring that our clients and consumer satisfaction. Connecting our clients to prospect, costumers and consumers and audience.

Our Mission

At ICC our creative team consists of experienced TV producers, creative and script writers, cinematographers, editors and film directors - all with many years of experience in their respective fields.

ICC also consists of experienced experts and research teams, who have worked in different continents around the world. We search for fresh ideas which are innovative and creative that expresses our community’s cultural diversity. Supporting exchange of local contents – from local to global, we focus on improving production quality of audio-visual programs, with innovative concepts that are informative and educational as well as entertaining.

ICC aims at fostering local and international reflection on the impact of globalization on media products but also practically exploring the existing and new mechanisms to develop cultural diversity in the information society. Proposing fresh ways of co-operation among governments, artists, industry leaders, broadcasters, companies, products, businesses, brands and brand names.

At ICC we develop and provide qualitative, innovative, original and authentic contents that clearly communicates to a targeted audience and engages viewers. We build dreams and ideas. We bring imagination to life. We do all the work for you, all you need to do is let us.